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Fall Fashion Trends Girls Back School Glamour

Fall Fashion Trends Girls Back School Glamour

Fall Fashion Trends Girls Back School Glamour

Fall Fashion Trends Girls Back School Glamour - Top 10 College Fashion Trends That Really Looks Ridiculous

I've been working on a SEC college campus for 28 years and had 2 daughters attend college. I've seen trends come and go. But, one thing remains consistent - college fashion trends make no sense! And most importantly, students want to fit in and be comfortable.

College Freshmen

As a new college freshman, you will want to look "cute" going to class. I get it.

But, you will soon realize that sleeping that extra hour is better than getting up early, putting on makeup, fixing your hair and wearing a cute outfit that is truly more uncomfortable than you are willing to admit.

Plus, if you attend college in the south your makeup will sweat off before your 2nd class of the day and you will be sweating through that cute outfit! It's not worth it.

If you want to be comfortable and "look" like a college freshman, follow this list - it is all true. I know it is hard to believe that someone my age (50 years old) can know more about college fashion trends than you. But it's not that difficult. Trust.


Don't bother with a new wardrobe for your college freshman. She will need new things to follow college fashion trends, but it may not be what you think. Read the list below and prepare to be amazed.

The Top 10 Ridiculous College Fashion Trends

1 - THE SRAT Uniform - The perfect outfit pairing is athletic running shorts and a HUGE t-shirt that covers your shorts. It gives the illusion that you have nothing under your t-shirt. Classic. Ignore faculty and staff who don't understand this look.

Fraternity = FRAT

Sorority = SRAT

I don't make the rules of abbreviations, I just share them so that you are as perplexed as I am.

2 - Leggings - enough said. They are your lifeline.

3 - Never underestimate the value of a HUGE sweatshirt - It can cover a multitude of sins from the night before and is just plain comfy during class.

4 - The Walk of Shame clothes. See #3 in this list.

Parents, it's best you not know everything.

5 - Football Game Attire. You will want something new for the football games especially if you are a student at an SEC school. Hopefully, you will not wear high heels to a football game - you don't need "hooker" shoes to look cute or attract a cute guy. You will enjoy the game better.

Extra Bonus Tip: Sunscreen is a MUST for day games. You're welcome.

6 - Wear panties, not a thong - If your skirt is super short, wear panties for goodness sake! If someone could see your "privates" when you bend or sit, a thong just won't cut it. This is especially true for football games.

7 - Wear a slip - if you don't know what a slip is, Google is your friend. There's nothing worse than a cute clingy dress (see Football Attire and Sunday Church Attire) and then you see unproperly fitted panties. I don't care if you are a size 0, your panty lines are showing and a slip will give you a "cleaner" look under your dress unless you want people to know your panties don't fit correctly.

8 - Sunday Church Attire - By all means, go to church in your lowest cut, highest skirt possible (aka "hooker" dress). Then, make sure you pair it with a ridiculously high heeled pair of wedge shoes. (See items referring to panties and a slip).

9 - Uggs are still in fashion in cold weather. If you don't have real Uggs, the splurge will be worth it. They will last 4 years and are really comfy.

10 - Choco's or Nike Running Shoes - No socks ever. Choco's when it's steamy and sticky outside. Nike running shoes any time of the year.

Take this list in the spirit in which it was written - fun! I enjoy working on a college campus and the students never age. They will always be 18 years old and I grow older each year.

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